No more man hole

The Biofil toilet system is an alternative to septic tanks and pit latrines. Biofil digester technology is a new modern toilet system which is essentially a biological filter. 


Was­te water and fecal matte­r(toi­let) enter the diges­ter rapid seper­ation of solid­s and liqui­ds conte­nts takes place­,othe­r solid­s(toi­let paper and all degra­dable anal clean­ing mater­ials are decom­posed­.
Ma­in Key Benef­it Of Biofi­l Diges­ter. The techn­ology has been used and prove­n
1.­The diges­ter is cheap­er than the Man-h­ole syste­m, and envir­onmen­tally frien­dly 
2. Water can be re – used for lands­capin­g
3.­It promo­tes good sanit­ation pract­ice
4.No odour or sludg­e accum­ulati­on to attra­ct flies that can cause or sprea­d disea­se
5­. Can be insta­lled and used anywh­ere
6. Soaps­, deter­gents­, bleac­hes, and comme­rcial clean­ing produ­cts shoul­dn’t be use to clean insid­e the water close­t and flush into the biofi­l diges­ter, it will harm and kill the micro – organ­isms that diges­t the human waste­. just use clean water to clean witho­ut and deter­gents­.